The mission of My Pet Net Page is to create compassionate communities worldwide for these animals and to encourage fair and humane treatment of these creatures. Animal cruelty can be either deliberate abuse or simply the failure to take care of an animal. Either way, it is animal abuse.

Did you know that there are more American households with pets than with children? We spend more money on pet food than on baby food. There are more dogs in the U.S. than people in most countries in Europe, and even more cats than dogs!

Our humane and open-minded staff members and volunteers achieve that mission through proactive efforts to address how to Make Your Pet a Healthy, Happy Pet of Your Home For Years To Come, because we aim to provide the highest quality health information that will support people in maintaining their pets' good health. We also want to deliver them the current status of animals available for adoption in the U.S. and Canada,as well asinspiring PET Owners to create healthier environment for their PETS.

Caring for a companion animal goes far beyond providing food, water and shelter. It takes research and careful planning to bring the right pet into your home.

We are a humane organization in the forefront helping to communicate pet safety and healthy life for these animals, serving as a conduit for placement of these animals into appropriate homes.

My Pet Net Page does not receive any funding from any county, city, state, or federal government agency. Our humane establishment does not receive tax dollars of any kind... Yet we're able to assist people and pets in need for our services, thanks to donations from caring people like you as well assome fee-based services we provide to cover costs.

My Pet Net Page is a conduit for adoption of these animals Nationwide and an information center on Pet illness and cures, lost and found and other important topics concerning dogs and cats. My Pet Net Page is a local humane group of animal lovers, not financially supported by, or a part of, any other local or national animal welfare group. We are not a branch of any other animal service or shelter organization.

There is no cost to become a member of our informative MyPetNetPage.Com website and we do not impose adoption time limit here either. However, we do ask for a donation when an animal is posted for adoption from individuals through us. You,on the other hand, don't need to wait to post a pet for adoption in order to make a donation: every bit of help is welcome. Your donation enables us to not only provide continued care, but also allows us to help more and more animals every day.

"Please register as a Volunteer and be the tree of life to these wonderful animals they really need you. Do this, by helping to spread the word of My Pet Net Page. The Information here is so important to animal caring people like you to help their Pets with safety and health. These animals they also need you to help them be adopted by caring people like you."



Thinking about adopting a four-legged friend? Check out our nationwide database of dogs and Cats looking for good homes. Search by zip code to meet available dogs or Cats in your 'Area! When you adopt a SHELTER PET, you save TWO lives, the one you ADOPT, and the one WHO TAKES ITS PLACE.

HELP US HELP THEM! We are here for only one purpose, to help these beautiful animals

We are 100% FREE web site to all Pet Lovers, we are self finance, but we would appreciate any donation that you can make to hep us cover our expense and stay on the air serving you and these beautiful animals. Thank you for any donation you are given us.


LOST & FOUND PET service

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Register your PET for the LOST & FOUND PET service program, its FREE to all our members.

We will create a Poster Alert and send it to all our members in that surrounding area, the poster alert will also be sent to: Veterinarians, Animal Shelters, Animal Control, Hospitals, Pet Stores and "Rescue Volunteers" within a 15 to 100 mile radius of where your pet was last seen.

Hundreds to thousands of people will receive your LOST PET ALERT All this 100% FREE to our members, and membership is FREE.

However, to become a member of you don't need to own a Pet, the membership in this website is FREE for everybody.


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For the complete security of your pet, we offer a nifty GPS Tracker as another security option you may select for you PET.

As animal lovers that we are, We'll help you to eliminate all your stress related to the care of your pet. Most resources are available here for you FREE of cost.